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Customer Benefits

Why choosing us?

Here are some good reasons which make us a unique partner for achieving your goals.

Customer Added Value

We believe that a productive partnership starts with focusing on common goals and objectives, developing a high identification with customer perspective and assuring a long-term team continuity.

Our definition of success is the collaborative realization of customer ideas, products, projects and services.

Technology Expertise

With us you are getting a partner with a broad technology stack, an excellent network of IT professionals and close connections to universities. In addition, we are confident in all common collaboration and engineering tools.

Team Communication

Today's customer needs often can only be addressed in cross-functional teams. Therefore, team communication is becoming more and more a key factor. Everyone in our company can fluently speak English and at least one other foreign language, such as German. In addition, we are used to proactively work in international teams, either onsite or remote. 



Trustful Cooperation

We love to move things forward with a solution-oriented mindset. Building up trustful relationships reduces managing complexity and minimizes monitoring overhead. You can rely on our full transparency, direct communication, open information exchange, realistic commitments and distinct error-culture.  


Flexible Working Model

We are adapting our working model, methods and tooling to individual customer needs and task complexity. This ensures seamless collaboration workflows and task-oriented process models. We are familiar with lean-agile models, such as scrum, scrumban or extreme programming, as well as classical models, such as V-model or waterfall.

Scalable Team Size

We know that today's challenges require dynamic teams who can quickly adapt to changing conditions. Our flexible company structure empowers us to fulfill customer support requirements of different sizes, from startup initiatives to large projects. With our short ramp-up time, we are able to initiate a cooperation within a few weeks.



Individual Team Setup

Customers are welcome to be part of the team allocation process and can interview potential candidates before they are joining the cooperation team. During the onboarding process, from our experience, an onsite period of some weeks at customers location speeds up the team building process and strengthens the partnership.


Located in European Union

Our headquarter is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, EU. Therefore, rules of European law, compliance and regulatory affairs apply on cooperation agreements. Also, due to the Western European culture and the European time zone in Lithuania, cooperations are established without intercultural or working hour differences.

Fair Pricing

We are offering time and effort based cooperation models. Our pricing is attractive for customers, as well as competitive on the local employment market. This ensures to keep the best professionals in our company and to provide high quality services for our customers.  Especially in the complex domain of IT, quality is a multiplying success factor. Customers can choose between fixed and performance-based price structures. 

Continuous Grow

We are always learning from the past for the challenges of tomorrow. Therefore, we are establishing regular feedback loops with our customers, where we identify improvement areas and make commitments for corresponding measures.  


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